Make a pinhole camera!

Here's an awesome source for creating a classic matchbox pinhole camera:



Focus Refilled

Join Focus for our group photography exhibition at Brewing Grounds for Change.

Opening Reception: April 9th 7:00PM
@ 2008 N. Farwell Ave. MKE WI
Brewing Grounds hours: 9am to 9pm


Joel Augustine
Alison Barnick
Corey Gaffer
Katie Griffin
Josh Groth
Erik Ljung
Brittany Meiers
Natalie Puariea
Bryan Rieth
Eric Robertson
Brian Slawson
Nicole Spahn
Emma Stamp
Daryl Stoll
Meg Thomas
Shannon Tinberg
Yoland T. Veasy
Tiffany Page Weber
Steph Wisnet


Marc Tasman's Self Portraits

Everyone should check out this link--Erik Ljung from Focus sent this to me. A teacher at UWM, Marc Tasman, has been working on a self portrait project for years and has gotten a lot of national attention. You might have had him as a teacher--I had him for photojournalism in the JMC program and he's a lot of fun.



Sad Day for Polaroid

Polaroid was caught up in Ponzi Scheme with Tom Petters and now has to sell part of an amazing collection of images to the highest bidder. Images from Ansel Adams, Warhol and Robert Rauschenberg will be up for sale. Read the article for more information.



Street Seen: The Psychological Gesture in American Photography, 1940–1959

Street Seen opens Jan. 30th at the MAM--it should be a great gallery!

"Street Seen
features over 100 photographs, as well as a select group of short, non-narrative films, paintings, and drawings. It highlights six photographers—Lisette Model, Louis Faurer, Ted Croner, Saul Leiter, William Klein, and Robert Frank—whose imagery encapsulates the period’s most notable aesthetic achievements. The exhibition celebrates each photographer’s unconventional artistic vision, while acknowledging the challenges they faced in pursuing careers as independent creative photographers between 1940 and 1959."

(info from http://www.mam.org/streetseen)

The Third & The Seventh / Alex Roman

Here is video that has some great cameras, architecture and is beautifully shot.


First meeting!

Join us for our first meeting on Monday, February 1 @ 6:30 (latecomers welcome). Meetings will be held every Monday @ 6:30 in the UWM Studio Arts & Craft Centre for the spring semester. Don't forget to check out the blog throughout the semester for updates at focuspc.blogspot.com.

See you Monday!


Darkroom for sale

Besseler 23C enlarger
50mm Nikon lens
safelight and filters
large and small developing tanks
polycontrast filters
3 8x 10 trays
3 11 x 14 trays
static brush
couple books
grey card

If you are interested please contact Lindsay Lochman at qfinnmc@sbcglobal.net

I am also selling a UMax Powerlook 2100XL high quality scanner has a very large 12x17 scanner bed. Includes top scanner attachment for scanning photographic negatives. Also includes a 32 slide holder for transferring all of your slide film into digital projections.
It provides the flexibility to scan illustrations, newspapers, magazines, transparencies, textiles, color photos, black and white photos, negatives, and even radiographic x-rays. Great for photographers, designers, or family photo preservationists.

The only down side to this is it still uses scsi connection, the predecessor to USB. You need to buy a transformer or have a computer that still takes scsi or buy a converter cable. I never searched hard enough to figure it out. If you are interested contact me at Gafferphotograph@gmail.com


Union Atrium Show!

UWM Focus Photography Club is an organization open to all UWM students. Students come from a variety of backgrounds and experience, but all share a passion for photography. Focus meets every Wednesday @ 6:45pm in the UWM Studio Arts & Craft Centre and is always open to new members. Contact snwisnet@uwm.edu with any questions. Also contact snwisnet@uwm.edu if you see photographs you like in the Union Atrium for photographer contact info. Join us on Facebook, too!

Enjoy the show in the UWM Union Atrium across from the bookstore!


Meeting 11.18.09


We had a good turnout tonight at the meeting--here is the list of 19 people that have signed up to show work at the Atrium:

Rachel Evans
Shannon Tinberg
Katie Griffin
Josh Groth
Joel Augustine
Steph Wisnet
Meg Thomas
Natalie Puariea
Eric Robertson
Anne Thanholt
Nicole Spahn
Emma Shamp
Corey Gaffer
Lily Carlin-Bartel
Bryan Rieth
Brittany Meiers
Daryl Stoll
Yolanda Veasy
Kendra Eckert

This is how your names will appear on the Focus poster, so please double check it and let me know if I need to make any changes. ALSO, email me (snwisnet@uwm.edu) if you have a website/flickr site or anything like that b/c we will list your name on the blog and link to your own photo sources. If you are still interested in showing but not on the list, please drop me an email by Monday 11/23 so that we can include you. We will work on some posters, etc. to hang on the walls. Feel free to bring a stack of business cards if you have them--we can clip them to the walls as well. I will send out emails to photo classes, Polly Morris, and more to advertise for the show, too.

We will be hanging the show on Monday 11/30 and will send you an email about the exact time. If you cannot be there to hang your work, you can drop it off at the Craft Centre that day and we will be able to hang it for you. We are not sure if we will be able to sell work or not, so we'll get you an update on that also. If you have any other questions, feel free to email snwisnet@uwm.edu. Remeber, there won't be a meeting next Wed., so watch for emails and we'll see you Monday 11/30 if you're hanging work!

Happy Thanksgiving!