Sad Day for Polaroid

Polaroid was caught up in Ponzi Scheme with Tom Petters and now has to sell part of an amazing collection of images to the highest bidder. Images from Ansel Adams, Warhol and Robert Rauschenberg will be up for sale. Read the article for more information.



The Third & The Seventh / Alex Roman

Here is video that has some great cameras, architecture and is beautifully shot.


Darkroom for sale

Besseler 23C enlarger
50mm Nikon lens
safelight and filters
large and small developing tanks
polycontrast filters
3 8x 10 trays
3 11 x 14 trays
static brush
couple books
grey card

If you are interested please contact Lindsay Lochman at qfinnmc@sbcglobal.net

I am also selling a UMax Powerlook 2100XL high quality scanner has a very large 12x17 scanner bed. Includes top scanner attachment for scanning photographic negatives. Also includes a 32 slide holder for transferring all of your slide film into digital projections.
It provides the flexibility to scan illustrations, newspapers, magazines, transparencies, textiles, color photos, black and white photos, negatives, and even radiographic x-rays. Great for photographers, designers, or family photo preservationists.

The only down side to this is it still uses scsi connection, the predecessor to USB. You need to buy a transformer or have a computer that still takes scsi or buy a converter cable. I never searched hard enough to figure it out. If you are interested contact me at Gafferphotograph@gmail.com


Here is a 100 meter long photograph there are some pretty impressive portraits with in this image.



SPE Midwest

I am freshly back from SPE Midwest back in Minneapolis. It was a great weekend a lot of talented speakers with a room full of port folio reviewers. I am just going to add a bunch of links on this post for you to check out. The first one is Alec Soth he was the featured speaker and I highly recommend all of you to check out is work.

http://www.mvswanson.com/- Photography and Business
http://aimneworleans.blogspot.com/- New Orleans Study Program
http://photohistory.jeffcurto.com/- Top Photo History podcast in america

Well that is it for now I hope you get some useful information out of these website. Jessica might have more for us on wednesday.

Also the SPE National conference is in Philadelphia, PA on March 4-7.



Postcard Examples!

NOTE: I am apparently not so good at uploading pictures onto here, so you'll get the basic idea of what the postcards look like. If you would like to see the different sizes and full cards - theyre all on my Flickr:

Focus Postcards on Flickr
So heres some inspiration to get your creative minds flowing! These are all of the postcards I showed to the group on wednesday.

Focus Related Postcards:

NON-Focus Related


Titian Redwood Tree- 84 images in 1

This is an amazing photograph of a Redwood tree that is in the most recent National Geographic magazine. Please Check out the video here http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/video/player#/?titleID=nichols-redwoods-gatefold&catID=1 This is an image that is changing the way photography is being produced. There is 84 images stitched together in 120hrs to create a seamless image of a giant Redwood tree. There is a very inventive contraption that holds three cameras and 6 remote triggers on a gyroscope attached to cable that will lift it 300 feet in the air. Stitching images together is gaining a presences in the world of photography. With the introduction of the Giga-pan camera that automatically takes photos with any standard digital camera and stitches them together to create a massive file. You can seemingly zoom into this images forever. http://gigapan.org/ These massive files will change the process of a photographer at any level. I just hope we dont see them showing up on facebook with a bunch of drunk girls.


Photographers Forum Photography Contest


30th Annual College Photography Contest
Sponsored by NIKON

EARLY ENTRY Deadline: October 19, 2009 ($3.95 each)

FINAL Entry Deadine: November 23, 2009 ($4.95 each)
Photographer's Forum Magazine
Serbin Communications, Inc.

Serbin Communications, Inc. | 813 Reddick St | Santa Barbara | CA | 93103


Green Gallery

I have talked to the Green Gallery in Riverwest and I am trying to set up a time we can show at there gallery. I will hopefully have more information this Wednesday.


Support for a house fire

Eric one of focus officers had a tragic occurrence this weekend. His house burned to the ground. He is waiting to see if he lost his photographs. His computer and hard drive both sustained fire and water damage so we all should cross our fingers for him. Eric and his roommates lost about 90% of there belongings. A lot of photo and Video equipment was lost in the fire. He is trying to get his life back together and will be missing the meeting this week.

I am proposing that we have our show this semester in his household honor. We should try to raise money, through print sales, for the items lost in the fire.

Eric we are here for you support. Get your life back together and come back to us as soon as possible.